Saturday, December 17, 2011

IIS Administration Interview Questions and Answers Series 5

Where is the default location for IIS Log files?
The default location is: C:\WINDOWS\system32\LogFiles\W3SVC1

What is ISAPI Filter?
This is one of the more important question for experienced guys.

What are the major innovation in IIS 7.0?
One of the major innovation is components are designed as module and there are major change in administration settings.

What is the Role of Windows Activation Process in IIS?
WAP is the Controller of Worker process under a Application Pool. Windows Activation Process which is managed by the worker process by starting, stopping and recycling the application pool. When to start, stop and Recycle should be defined on Application Pool Settings. Activation Process is also responsible for Health Monitor of Application Pool during run-time.
You can easily find Health monitoring setting in Properties of Application Pool.

What are the different type of application pool available in IIS 7.0?
IIS 7.0 having two types of application pool.
1. DefaultAppPool (Integrated)
2. ClassicAppPool

What are the worker process for IIS 5.1 and IIS 6.0?
For IIS 5.1 ---> aspnet_wp.exe
For IIS 6.0 ---> w3wp.exe

What is Web Farm?
When we hosted our web Application on multiple web server under a load balancer call the Web Farm. This is generally used for heavy load web application where there are many user request at a time. So When Web Application is hosted on Different IIS Server over a load balancer, Load balancer is responsible for distribute the load on different server.

What is the default Identity of an Application Pool?

How can we set the default page for any web application?
We can set the default page for a web site from the Virtual Directory Setting.
Go To : IIS Manager > Virtual Directory > Right Click > Properties > GoTo Document Tab.

How we can set the Idle Time out of an worker process?
We can set the Idle time out for an worker process from Application Pool Properties.
In Performance Tab of Application pool properties, we can set the Idle Time out of the worker process. This means worker process will shut down after that given time period if it stay idle. And will again wake up again if a new request comes.

Is there any alternative way to host site on IIS rather than opening IIS Manager?
Yes, We can directly host any site from the physical location of directory itself.
Right Click on Physical Folder > Properties > Web Sharing
There you need to select > "Share This Folder" Option Button. Then it will ask for alias name and other setting. Then Click on OK.
To Validate : Run > Inetmgr > Check there should an virtual directory with the same "Alias" name that you have given.
If there are already one Virtual directory exist it will showing you the error message while you providing the "Alias" name.


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