Friday, December 2, 2011

IIS Administration Interview Questions and Answers Series 1

What is difference between IIS 6.0 and IIS 7.0? 
In IIS 6.0, the ASP.NET MMC snap-in provides IIS related administration features for configuring ASP.NET. For more information.

In IIS 7.0, the administration of ASP.NET applications is integrated more closely with IIS administration, and there is no separate snap-in. Instead, all IIS and ASP.NET configuration is done by using IIS Manager. Because IIS 7.0 configuration information is based on the .NET Framework configuration system, the Web.config file for an application that runs in IIS 7.0 contains both Web server and ASP.NET configuration settings.

What is IIS WorkProces's? 
When IIS starts, the Web Administration Service initializes the http.sys namespace routing table with one entry for each application. This routing table determines to which application pool an application should be routed. When http.sys receives a request, it asks WAS to start up one or more worker processes to handle that application pool. This isolation of processes makes the web server as a whole more stable.

What is the Role of IIS ? 
IIS provides a redesigned WWW architecture that can help you achieve better performance, reliability, scalability, and security for our Web sites. IIS can support following Protocol HTTP/HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, SMTP Etc. We need to host the site on IIS, when request comes from client it first hits the IIS Server, then the server passed it to ASP.NET worker process to execute. Then the response also passes to client via IIS itself. 

Note:  only Hosting of Site we can create our FTP Server, SMTP Server using IIS itself. There are different version of IIS available like 5.1, 6.0, 7.0 etc 

What are the different IIS version is available in different OS? 
Below is the list of IIS version with different Operating system.

Windows Server 2008 - Windows Vista - Home Premium/ Ultimate - IIS 7.0
Windows Server 2003 - IIS 6.0
Windows XP Professional - IIS 5.1

What are the Authentication types in IIS? 
1.  Anonymous Authentication
2. Basic Authentication
3. Digest Authentication
4. Advance Digest Authentication
5. Integrated Windows Authentication
6. UNC Authentication
7.  .NET Passport Authentication
8. FTP Site Authentication

For Set security permission you need to go to Virtul Directory > Right Click > Properties > Directory Security 

What's the Port numbers for HTTP?
HTTP Port number is 80
What's the port no of FTP?
FTP Port number is 21
How do you take backups of IIS Servers ?
1. In the IIS snap-in on the local computer, click the
Computer icon under Internet Information Services.
2. Click Action and select Backup/Restore Configuration.
3. Click Create backup, choose a name for your backup file,
and then click OK

NOTE: The default location of the backup is the %SystemRoot%\system32\inetsrv\MetaBack folder. If you
want to save your backup file to another location, you can copy the file from this default location to another
location. Keep a copy in the default location to allow for an easy restoration. Note that by default, C:\Winnt is the %SystemRoot% folder in Microsoft Windows 2000. 


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