Thursday, November 10, 2011

In IIS How To Allow External Access To Your Website?

For external accessing to your website you have to open the firewall port. For opening port 80 on Windows Server 2008 R2, please follow the steps.

Step 1: Open Control Panel, from Start menu.
Step 2: Click System and Security Option, and then click Windows Firewall. 
Step 3: Click Advanced Settings.
Step 4: Click Inbound Rules.
Step 5: Click New Rule in the Actions window.
Step 6: Click Rule Type of Port. and click Next
Step 7: On the Protocol and Ports page click TCP.
Step 8: Select Specific Local Ports and type a value of 80. and click Next.
Step 9: On the Action page click Allow the connection. and click Next
Step 10: On the Profile page you have to Domain turned on and turning off private and public. (This options depends on your environment)
Step 11: Click Next.
Step 12: On the Name page enter a name of such as Allow ReportServer (TCP on port 80)
Step 13: Click Finish.

You have to repeat above steps to open port 443 if you are using https.


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